Calligraphy Paper

Calligraphy Writing Pad

Writing Pad with 50 sheets of lined nature coloured paper: Weight: 80g/m², Measures: 21 X 29.7cm. The spacing between 2 lines is 1cm.

→ Added to the writing pad is a small leaflet with basic instructions for the use of lettering nibs (in German language).

Kalligraphie Übungsblock, Din A4, 50 Blatt, 80 g/m², mit Anleitung für das Schreiben mit der Bandzugfeder


(incl. Bandzug-Anleitung)

Writing Pad

(incl. instruction leaflet)

Preis: Price: 2,40 €

White Calligraphy and Drawing Paper

White All-Media Paper, wood-free, acid-free (ageing resistant), mat, for all drawing techniques, also suitable for lino-cut prints and wood engravings.

Schreib- und Zeichenpapier 120 g/m²

Schreib- und Zeichenpapier, 1 Blatt, 21 x 30cm, 120 g/m²

White Calligraphy and Drawing Paper, 1 sheet, 21 x 30cm, 120 g/m²

Preis: Price: 0,14 €