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Reservoirs are used to hold more ink, so you can write longer without dipping into the ink well. Also the reservoir helps for a more steadily inkflow.


Please note!

The many antique dip pen nibs come from different manufacturers from different countries and are not standardised. Though the reservoirs offered here can be used for many different nibs, to some nibs they do not fit propperly or not at all, because they are too narrow or too wide. Please do not ask me whether certain reservoirs fit to this or that nib, otherwise I will only be busy with testing. Thank you for your understanding.

William Mitchell "Slippon Reservoir"

William Mitchell Round, Unterfeder Slippon Reservoir, für Round Hand Pedigree Bandzugfedern
Preis: Price: 0,26 €

Slippon Reservoir for William Mitchell Round Hand pens. The Slippon Reservoir is attached to the bottom side of the nib. It holds more ink and also regulates the ink flow. Eventuelly it has to be adjusted to the nib by bending the side wings.

Unterfeder für die William Mitchell Round Hand Federn. Die Unterfeder wird auf der Unterseite der Feder befestigt. Sie hält mehr Tinte, so daß nicht so oft eingetaucht werden muß. Außerdem fließt die Tinte gleichmäßiger aus der Feder. Eventuell müssen die seitlichen Klappen ein wenig angepaßt werden.

Heintze & Blanckertz, No. 805, Unterfeder für Ly-Federn

Heintze & Blanckertz, Ly Unterfeder (Ly Slipon Reservoir)
Preis: Price: 0,45 €

Bottom reservoirs, compatible with Heintze & Blanckertz Ly nibs.

Unterfedern, passend für Ly-Federn von Heintze & Blanckertz.