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Calligraphy dip pen nibs

Kallipos Calligraphy Shop. Here you find the world's largest selection of antique dip pen nibs. Kallipos offers the worlds largest selection of antique dip pen nibs of all kinds, spanning a variety of more than 1800 different nibs from european and oversees manufacturers, such as lettering nibs, poster pens, pointed nibs, ball point nibs, left cut nibs, nibs for drawing and scatching and Graphos nibs.


Penholder for calligraphy dip pen nibs We offer penholders in different styles, suitable for all the various kinds of dip pen nibs: Classical holders, holders for drawing and scatching nibs, oblique penholders, japanese penholders and many more.

Calligraphy inks

Calligraphy inks

Homemade calligraphy inks: some made from good old-fashioned recipes, some from new-fangled recipes with a considerably better quality than standard inks made from aniline dyes.

One of our specialities is the glossy inks. Because of the fine light-reflecting pigments, these inks are also suitable for dark paper.

Indian inks

Indian Ink for calligraphy, drawing and scetching

We offer a selection of high quality Indian Inks from the renown german manufacturer "Rohrer & Klingner".
As opposed to the water based calligraphy inks, the Indian Inks have a full or medium opacity and are suitable not only for the use on paper, but also for the use on wood or leather.

Inks for fountain pens

Fountain pen inks from Rohrer & Klingner These fountain pen inks are a novelty from Rohrer & Klingner. Because of their nano sized pigments they can be used in fountain pens and still have an optimal ink flow. The inks are also perfect for drawing and painting with brushes.

Inkwell holders

Inkwell holders, made from wood or cardboardThe wooden inkwell holders are personally handmade, sawn, planed and bored by Ronald and myself. Practical and beautiful, too.
As a reasonable alternative we offer inkwell holders made from paperboard.

Exercise books, Alphabet collection and manuals

Exercise books, Alphabet collection and various manuals The exercise books and info leaflets offered here can lead you to learn the art of calligraphy by yourself. Comprehensive instructions demonstrating all the important steps towards the independent learning of calligraphy are included in the exercise books as well as in the alphabet collection, which also includes instructions for the left-handed!

Calligraphy gift sets

Calligraphy gift set, including ink, 3 pen nibs and a penholder The "5-piece gift set" is a basic starter set which also makes a nice gift. Included is one calligraphy ink of your choice, three different kinds of dip pen nibs and one penholder. Inside the folder is a description of the different dip pen nibs as well as a short manual and patterns for letters to begin with.

Antique Nib Boxes

Antique calligraphy nib boxes Antique nib boxes from different manufacturers, made from paperboard and lined with printed paper - in these lovely boxes the nibs have been delivered into the shops in earlier times. Beautiful as a collectible and useful as a storage box for your small treasures.

Calligraphy Paper

Calligraphy paper We have available a lined writing pad for day to day use and different drawing papers in A4 format, which are pH neutral and acid-free for archival quality. Also there is a choice of hand molded, well sized papers, suitable for calligraphy.

Calligraphy postcards

Calligraphy postcards Calligraphy Postcards: various designs with clever sayings, quotes, pearls of wisdom, poems and Christmas cards.

Glass Quills and Glass pen points

Glass Quills and Glass pen points Glass Quills are ideally for every day writing as well as for sketching and drawing. They are also suitable for the lefthanded. The stroke width always remains the same. Put on wooden holders, glass pen points are a reasonable alternative to the glass quills made entirely of glass.

Sealing wax

Sealing wax, manufactured in Switzerland Sealing waxes of the highest quality are produced exclusively in artisan processes from natural raw materials. While using them, a pleasant scent of resins and essential oils will rise to your nose.


Seals and handlesDifferent seal designs for many occasions. The screw-on seals can be individually combined with the handles.

Linocut Tools

Linocut ToolsThese small tools can be put on the wooden pen holders and are especially suitable for school or for trying out the linocut technique.