Gall Nut Ink Set

Gall Nut Ink Set

The Gall Nut Ink Set contains all ingredients for the making of 0.5 litres of black gall nut ink. Gall nut ink has document quality, which means that it is absolute fade proof even when exposed to direct sunlight. The ink appears in a light grey first and will gradually darken until it is black. This process may take few minutes up to weeks, depending on temperature, moisture and lightness.

Please note: Green Vitriol is very poisonous when swallowed and irritates the skin when touched! The use of protective gloves is necessary. Please read the safety data sheets (available in German language only):

Safety data sheet for green vitriol (ferrous sulphate) • (pdf-document, 113 KB)
Safety data sheet for gall nut powder • (pdf-document, 21 KB.


  • 35g gall nut powder
  • 12g green vitriol; (green) copperasmelanterite (Eisen-(II)-Sulfat, Xn, harmful if swallowed)
  • 12g campeche wood
  • 12g arabic gum
  • 3 cloves
  • Instruction sheet (in german language only!)
Eisengallustinte, Kochset mit allen Zutaten für einen halben Liter gute Tinte.
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